Are you feeling confused and unsure about your purpose, your life plan, or what’s next in life for you? Is there something inside of you that is missing but you're just not sure what it is?
for You to Live and Walk In!
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CREATED to do &
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75% of people feel that there is no purpose or meaning to their life, while 85% of people that set goals don't achieve them because they lack clarity.
I feel you. That is why I created this course
I have designed this course for everyone, regardless of who you are and what your belief system or culture is, with the goal of tapping into your divine purpose to discover who you authentically are and why you were placed here on earth. I will help you to discover your "reason" and live a life of abundance.

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When we discover our purpose, we become resilient and able to overcome challenges, making it easier to bounce back from setbacks.
We wake up knowing we have a purpose to fulfill, and that makes life meaningful. The truth is that you don't need specific knowledge or skills to discover what you were created for.
All you need is a desire to live a life of purpose.
In this course, you will get a step by step guide on:
  • How to Dare to Live Fully.
  • Transforming your mindset to dream bigger and accomplish more.
  • Walking your 365 days in purpose.
The best part?
You can get all of these for just an incredible price of $597 (normally valued at $5000)! 
The value and the takeaways that you get out of the course is so worth the investment.
Don't Just Take MY Word For It...
Here’s what my clients have to say:
“Esther guides you to a place where you can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in selected areas of your life. Then she takes you to the strategies and techniques to help you reach your goal faster… by helping you to identify the obstacles and the negative mindsets that have prevented you from being successful in the past. I am continuing to work with her to build a successful business and to live a healthier happier life. Working with Esther has been the best thing that I could possibly do for myself. The tools that I have learned, (and I am continuing to learn) benefit not just me, but my family, my friends, and those who God has called me to be a blessing to.”
"My life has been deeply impacted by the indescribable, amazing relationship, and positive influence that Pastor Esther Graham has had in my life. She is a powerful woman of God and her spiritual gifts have given me strength, hope, and have renewed my spirit. She's also provided me with her valuable leadership which has enabled me to advance in my career as a professional. I will always love her."
State Head Start Director, Telamon Head Start Programs
Are you ready for me to help you discover HOW TO DARE TO LIVE FULLY?
Hi! I’m Esther Graham.
I have been consulting and coaching for over 20 years. I am an international best-selling author, leadership trainer, pastor, and educational coach or consultant, with 2 successful businesses.
When I first started my own journey of discovering what God’s plan was for me, I was struggling to discover my purpose and to be authentically me. I found myself living for everyone else except for myself which brought forth unfulfilled dreams, unhappiness, and an overall lack of joy in my life that led to a lack of abundant living.
If there’s one thing I could change then, it’s to have taken on a personal development coach during those difficult moments to help me discover my purpose and walk in it sooner in my life.
This is what I want to give you today: the opportunity to have someone who had been through the same struggles you are going through and who has the knowledge and experience to guide you into living authentically. Are you ready for me to help you discover and understand God’s plan for you?
discover your purpose.
This course will show you how to live authentically and walk in purpose, but above all it will reveal your greatness and lead you to reveal your unique gift to the world.
At the end of the course, you will experience:
  • Walking in your life's purpose.
  • Fulfilling your destiny to achieve a whole-life abundance.
  • Discovering  your reason for being here on earth.
  • ​Having your plans identified and set.
  • Ensuring your life is filled with purpose and abundance in all areas.
Get this $5000-value course for just $597
You don’t want to miss this opportunity!
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